7th Pay Commission Bunching Benefit – Clarification and Instructions given by Finance Ministry

Following shall be kept in view while determining the extent of bunching as also the benefits to be extended on account of
bunching at the time of initial fixation of pay in the 7th CpC pay structure:

(i) Benefit on account of bunching is to be extended when two or more
stages get bunched.

(ii) Benefit of one increment is to be extended on account of bunching of
every two consecutive stages.

(iii) As stipulated in MoF oM dated 07 09.2016, a difference of 3% to be
reckoned for determination of consecutive pay stages, specific to each
em ployee.

(iv) All pay stages lower than the Entry pay in the 6th CpC pay structure as
indicated in the pay Matrix contained in the 7th cpc Report are not to
be taken into account for determining the extent of bunching.

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